24 Hours in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Perhaps you are going on a cruise from Port Canaveral and have a day before or after in Cocoa Beach, or you are making a round trip through Florida and are visiting the Space Coast. Cocoa Beach is also the closest beach to Orlando making it a perfect place for the whole family after some hectic days in the theme parks. These are my recommendations if you have one day only in Cocoa Beach with some options for each time of the day.

Start the day with a great breakfast

Start the day with a good breakfast. I love Juice N’Java for its relaxed atmosphere. The smoothies are delicious. If you are into surfing then try the Surfinista with its surf style theme. Or try both as they are just opposite each other on the same street. If you are hungry Simply Delicious is simply delicous and has huge portions. For more options have a look at our list of breakfast places.

During the morning – go to the beach

No matter whether you are looking for some beachwear or souvenirs you have to visit Ron Jon Surfshop. It is the largest surfshop in the world. It is open 24/7 and during hot days a good option to cool down.

Head to the beach to try out your new gear. Just behind the shop there is a nice beach. You can also take surf lessons here. If you are looking for a quieter beach go to the South End of Cocoa Beach.

Enjoy some afternoon drinks and snacks

Are you ready for some drinks and snacks? Two options with great views are the Coconuts on the Beach or the Tiki Bar on the pier.

The Coconuts has great views of the beach, a large selection of food and maybe the best happy hour specials (5-7 pm).

The Tiki Bar is at the end of the pier with beautiful views of the beach. Enjoy your drinks sitting above the waves. Happy hour is from 4-7 pm. You will have to pay an entrance fee for that part of the pier, however you can use that to pay for your drinks. You can find more bars with water views here.

Late afternoon activities

What about mini golf? I like the Lighthouse Cove adventure golf. The ice cream is delicious.

Another option for the late afternoon is kayaking. It is usually less warm, you may see dolphins hunt and could even kayak into the sunset. Some vacation rentals or hotels offer kayaks. If not you can rent them for example at Cocoa Beach Kayaking. They also offer guided tours. You can find more recommendations for kayaking in Cocoa Beach here.

End the day with a nice dinner

Are you looking for something to eat after a long day? Is there still some time until sunset? If yes, you could watch it at the Sunset Cafe Waterfront Bar and Grill. For more restaurants on the water in Cocoa Beach check this out.

If you do not mind sitting inside, I would recommend Florida’s Fresh Grill or the Fat Snook. Both places have great Seafood with the Fat Snook offering even more elaborated options. The best would be to check out both menus online.

How would your perfect day in Cocoa Beach look like?

This was my perfect day. Maybe you have other suggestions, how would your perfect day in Cocoa Beach look like?





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