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the owners Judith, Yves and Julian
Yves, Judith, Julian

When we bought Dolphin Bay, we did not really know what we were getting ourselves into. But why did we actually buy it?

During a Florida vacation in 2012 my sister (Judith) and brother in law (Yves) had visited Cocoa Beach and fell in love with the relaxed beach-surf vibe.

In 2013 my sister’s mother in law was looking with her husband for a potential vacation rental in Florida. That is when Judith and Yves recommended Cocoa Beach.

They found this place which needed some improvements and the bank only wanted to sell it as one unit. Therefore, they were looking for buyers of the other units. We were interested in the upstairs units.

We only saw pictures but fell in love with the location and bought it without actually seeing it in person – a bit crazy.

2013-2015 First House Improvements

We were so lucky to have a very nice couple in our units. We are still in contact with Julie who runs a successful business of eco swimwear and fashion. Julie looked after the unit while we were not there. Regula and Manfred converted the downstairs unit into a vacation rental.

2015 Converting the Upstairs Unit into a Vacation Rental

As we love to spend time in Cocoa Beach, we decided to renovate the upstairs unit and make it available for guests.

It was an exciting time:

-finding the right contractors for the conversion

-agreeing timelines and project plan

-setting everything up on vacation rental websites

It truly was an adventure. But the feedback from our first guests was very positive.

We love the place. And while there are several challenges you have to navigate it is a pleasure to make it available to guests.

On this website you will find many recommendations for the region, e.g. our favorite places to eat or the best activities.

Dolphin Bay and the pool
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