Drinks with a View

Cocoa Beach has not only the Atlantic ocean but also the beautiful Banana River with breathtaking sunsets. So naturally there are also many great places where you can enjoy a drink with a view. Here are our recommendations.

Coconuts on the Beach

Coconuts is directly on the beach. It is a great place for the afternoon. They have some specials after 5pm.

Beach House (Patrick Air Force)

The Beach House is located at the south end of Cocoa Beach opposite to Patrick Air Force Base (which it also belongs to). It is usually quiet. Please check for opening times.

You have great views from the upper deck.


Squidlips is just located 3 minutes walk north of Dolphin Bay. You can also kayak there.

The Island

The Island is favorite with locals. It is directly located at the Banana River and you can watch sunsets here. The food is also decent.

Riki-Tiki Bar

The Riki-Tiki Bar is at the end of the Cocoa Beach Pier. It has stunning views of the Beach. You pay an entrance fee for that part of the pier which you can use for drinks and food.


The Sandbar is one of our favorite places. They made the list thanks to a special view – when you want to watch sports (it is a sports bar). They have drink specials on most days.

Last but not least…

…you have the best for a breathtaking sunset from our balcony. Enjoy your sundowner.

Did you find your favorite place?

What is your favorite place? Maybe you have a recommendation which is not on our list yet?

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