Great Activities for Children in Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast

We have many families staying at Dolphin Bay. Children will love the location. The pool is always a great place to spend time. But what else can we recommend to do with children? Below you find our top picks.

Kayaking on the Banana River

Kayaking on the Banana River

If they are old enough kayaking on the Banana River is so much fun. If you leave from our backyard the best way is to go to the right. You can explore many canals with beautiful homes. Or you can go further to the mangroves. If you are lucky you can see dolphins or manatees. Avoid the midday sun. You can find more recommendations for kayaking in Cocoa Beach here.

The Beach

two small children on the beach

One of the other best activities is the beach just across the A1A. It is usually very quiet and kids will love to play in the water and sand.

Miniature Golf

playing miniature golf

If you want to go beyond pool and ocean, we also love to do some miniature golf. We like the Lighthouse Cove Miniature Golf. After a fun round they have also great ice cream.

Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo is only 25 minutes by car and you can easily spend half a day here. It has many activities also for smaller children. Another option for the older ones is the ropes course. It is not included in the entrance and lasts around 3 hours. My recommendation would be do that in the morning to avoid too high temperatures.

Obloy Family Ranch

Child riding a horse

Another option to see animals is the Obloy Family Ranch. They have many rescued animals. The guided tours are really interesting and you can also go horse riding.

Merritt Island Nature Reserve

Marritt Island Nature Reserve

If your children love wildlife then the Merritt Island nature reserve is a great option. The time to drive there is about 30 minutes.

Kennedy Space Center

Inside the Kennedy Space Center

If your children are somewhat interested in Space the Kennedy Space Center is a must. They have many activities for children and you can easily spend a full day here.

Boat Trip on the Banana River

Doing a boat trip is a great way to explore Banana and Indian river. There are options for half or full day available. We liked the tour with Coastal Lagoon Tours.

Orlando Amusement Parks

Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle

Last but not least of course many of our visitors go to the amusement parks in Orlando. You can easily visit Disney (4 parks) Universal (2 parks), Lego as day trip from our place. The other option is stay in Orlando for a couple of days. While the parks can be amazing, they can also be very exhausting. It is important to know what to expect and to plan well ahead.

What is your Favorite?

These were just our top selections. But maybe you have an additional tip which you would like to share?

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