How to Spend an Exciting Day at Kennedy Space Center

Entry to Kennedy Space Center, Florida

The Kennedy Space Center is one of the highlights in Florida and the top attraction of the Space Coast. It is a MUST if you are somewhat interested in Space. It is also a lot fun for smaller children (for other activities with children have a look here). Please find below my recommendations and insights.

Planning your visit

You should plan at least four hours, but can easily spend a full day there. Of course weekdays are less full than the weekends.

If you happen to be in the area when a rocket launch is planned this is a great opportunity. However the park will be full and there is always a risk that the launch has to be postponed due to weather or other issues.

Highlights not to miss

If you do nothing else you should do the guided bus tour. You get a kind of behind the scenes look. It covers a larger area of the place which is not part of the visitor complex. Ideally plan the best time to take the tour when you have entered the center.

Usually there are some astronauts available for Q&A sessions. This is a great opportunity to get some insights. Look for the schedule at the entrance. Other highlights are  the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit and Journey to Mars.


There are several places for decent food. Why not cool off with Martian Rocks flavor Space Dots.


It is worth checking out the souvenir shop. They have some special items which you do not get at other shops.

Do you have any special recommendations?

We would love to hear what you liked best in the Kennedy Space Center. What are your recommendations?

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